Pokemon Go – What On Earth?

30/07/2016 Main

So what on Earth is all this who-ha! about with Pokemon Go? It seems like everyone is going mad for it but I don’t really get what all the fuss is about. Maybe I’m just a bit too old to appreciate it but it just seems like a load of rubbish to me. I saw some guys playing it in the bar the other day & the Pokemon appeared on one of the bar stools so they were trying to fire at it. I wondered what the hell they were doing until the person next to me pointed out that they were playing Pokemon Go. That’s basically when I actually decided to read up on it a bit to find out what exactly you have to do with this game. I’ve got to say, it seems a little dangerous to me, people just wondering around the streets trying to find Pokemon. They could end up down a dark alley, end up walking into the middle of the road, that sort of thing. They seem so caught up in their own little Pokemon world that they forget where they are. Of course, my little nieces & nephews love it but I do worry about them getting too tangled up with the game & gettingthemselves into mischief. My fears appear well-founded as the net is covered with stories of people having accidents as a result of the game. Read more

Coffee Machines

28/05/2016 Main

Hi folks! Sorry it has been a while. I’ve been away for a few weeks on holiday to Italy. I love everything Italian; the food, the wine, the fashion, the language, the architecture, the history, the climate and especially the coffee! Hmmmmmm, coffee! I love it in all it’s forms but nothing beats a pot of freshly ground beans brewed up in your own home and enjoyed on the sofa! Freeze dried granules are ok if you are in a hurry, as is a Costas or Starbucks if you’re out and about. But if you truly want to enjoy a cup of coffee as it was intended to be served, then you should really be making your own. And of course, to do this you will need your own coffee machine! Read more

Customised Android Apps

15/05/2016 Main

Hi folks. I wanted to touch on Android apps today and why paying for your own bespoke app can be a great idea in today’s modern, fast-moving business environment. Many businesses have raised concerns over recent years that one-package-fits-all style software packages are less and less the solution they need for their respective businesses. They need and want specific solutions for their very unique business requirements. That is where a bespoke business app can be of great use in capturing a huge android based market and they do not cost a fortune to get developed. Let’s discuss specifics as to why you should hire somebody to build you an app. Read more

Mirrorless Digital Cameras

05/05/2016 Main

Hi folks. As an avid photographer I want to talk  to you in this blog post about what is in my view the most exciting addition to the photography world in recent times; The Mirrorless Digital Camera! Read more

Sustainable technology?

02/04/2016 Main

Following on from my last post titled 'Too much technology?' I want to consider whether technology and sustainability can go hand in hand? Read more

Finding Used Golf Cart Tires for Sale

27/03/2016 Main

Finding a Fun Way to get out of the Family Home: Read more

Too much technology?

14/03/2016 Main

Hello tech friends! So, I’m sure it’s pretty clear that I love technology - I mean I created a blog dedicated to the topic after all but I got to thinking today about all of the technology I have consumed over the years and all of the technology I consume on a daily basis. Consequently, todays blog post is a little left wing of me but I’m having one of those days where I sit and reflect on life and  I thought I would record my observations on here - sometimes it is good to look at things from a different perspective after all, something that technology undoubtedly allows us to do! Read more

The race to 5G

04/03/2016 Main

As you know, I'm fan of new technologies and the 5G is being prepared so and I inquired about of this new internet revolution that is going to be different from the 4 G. Read more

Samsung galaxy S7

29/02/2016 Main

IPhone: In or out?

23/02/2016 Main

So I’m at the predicament again where I need to buy a new smartphone. My friend recently purchased a brand spanking new IPhone 6 Plus – he was one of those guys who actually lined up outside the Apple store for it. Admittedly, I think Apple have greatly improved the look and feel of their product, as well as providing their usual smooth and quick interaction. I will admit, I definitely kind of like it. Read more